A Few Things About The Charter Cable Company

The Charter Cable Company was established in the year 1993. It is reputed to provide very good quality customer services. Under the aegis of Charter Communications are the subsidiaries Charter Cable, Charter Internet and Charter Telephone services. Charter Cable is a Fortune 500 company. It is one of the largest publicly traded cable operators in the USA after Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

The company provides high speed internet services, digital cable services and phone services through Charter Cable Digital. Charter Cable TV has a wide range of programming options. It lets the user choose the programs of their choice. There are digital upgrades available regularly whenever needed. There is a DVR facility which lets the user record and store their most favorite programs and videos and audio. The user can record many programs together. There is rewind or pause option for facilities like live TV, too. Charter Cable TV is supposed to produce better quality picture and sound. It provides iTV or interactive TV.

It provides full access to movies and program listings. You can also gain access to your favorite movies, or the news, the sports scores and money matters. It provides the following features: Charter Digital Cable, Charter HDTV, Charter DVR and Charter Basic and Expanded Cable TV. The Charter digital cable provides digital quality picture and sound. The HDTV makes the TV in your house act like a home theater. You can get the true cinematic experience with wide screen format and Dolby digital surround sound. With the Charter DVR you can watch TV and record all of it with the push of a button. Charter Basic and Expanded Basic gives up to 70 channels and something for everyone in the family. The cable TV options that the Charter Cable Company provides are among the best in the county. This is what has made it the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the USA.

Like all other good cable TV providers, Charter Cable TV provides a wide range of services. The services are customer friendly. As it is, Charter cable is renowned for its customer services. Apart from that it provides high-end services for its user which make it one of the foremost providers of broadband cable TV services in the country. There were some complaints against the company but it was in other disciplines. These complaints were regarding the improper billing practices, usage of falsely leading advertising, provided under par cable internet performance, failure to install and maintain services and damaging customer property. Nevertheless, the company was reputed in its customer support services. It is hoped that the Charter Cable Company will provide better services to its customers in the future.

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