What Charter Cable Service Is All About

The advent of cable TV has led to the growth of many cable TV providers. But some companies provide excellent services in the field of communications and cable and telephone and internet service. Charter Cable is actually called Charter Communications. The company was established in 1993. It is one of the major providers of cable services in the market. It is also a Fortune 500 company.

The well-known company has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft is at the helm of affairs. He is the company's chairman. The company supplies cable television, high speed internet services and telephone services to more than 5.7 million customers in the USA. The subsidiary of the company which provides digital Cable TV is known as the Charter Digital. After Comcast and Time Warner Cable it is only the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the USA.

Broadband services like cable internet are much popular. It is because cable internet service is much faster than dial-up service. Charter cable services have a wide range of options for programming. It lets the users choose the programs of their choice. Regular digital upgrades are available. The user can store and record their most favorite programs, audio, video and the DVR facility. Many programs can be recorded together. There is no need for a second phone line because the internet already comes with the cable in your home. It provides up to 3 mbps of speed.

The Charter Cable TV network is of superior quality. It has better quality picture and sound. It has many high definition networks and film channels. It provides local programming as well. Even live television can be rewound and paused while viewing is in progress. It also has iTV or interactive Television. There is total access to film and program listings. The user can access his/her favorite sports scores, weather conditions, financial news, etc. There is also on-demand service. This enables the access to many movies and exclusive channels. Discount on cable internet services are provided online as well. These facilities make it very popular in the cable television market.

Charter Cable Service provides excellent customer service that is at your service round the clock. Charter keeps us connected online to diverse choices like music, movies and shopping without the hassles of dial-up waiting and the problem of busy signals. Charter High Speed gives you high speed downloads. The continuous excellent customer service is one of the other specialties of the Charter Cable Service. This adds to its reputation.

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