All About Charter Communication Cable Company

Charter Communications is a broadband communications company. It provides a full range of advanced broad band services to the home including cable television on video programming configuration via Charter Digital and Charter Telephone. It is the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the USA. It is only behind Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Charter Communications was incorporated in Delaware in 1993. Thereafter Charter Communications went through a series of acquisitions. It also experienced internally financed growth. This led to its serving 1 million customers in 1998, 3.9 million in 1999 and 6.8 million in 2002. At present, the company provides cable television, high speed internet and telephone services to more than 5.7 million customers.

The company was involved in an accounting fraud in 2000/2001 relating to the inflation of revenue and operating cash flow and cable subscriber numbers. In 2006, Charter accelerated the sales of its cable telephone services using broad band telephony (or VoIP). There have been a lot of complaints against the company. The Better Business Bureau has received complaints about the company saying that the company had improper billing practices, used misleading advertising, provided defective internet or cable performance, failed to properly install or maintain service and damaged customer property. Nevertheless the company is reputed in its customer support services.

In May 2006, Charter Communications announced the closure of six of its call centers in the USA. An increasing number of calls are now being outsourced. Current outsourced centers are in the Philippines, Panama, Mexico, Ontario, London, British Columbia and Brazil. The remaining centers are turning increasingly specialized for particular type of service or customer issues.

The cable wing of the company boasts of many features. Charter Cable TV has many features. They are Charter Digital Cable, Charter HDTV, Charter DVR and Charter Basic and Expanded Cable TV. The Charter digital cable provides digital quality picture and sound. The HDTV makes the TV in your house act like a home theater. You can get the true cinematic experience with wide screen format and Dolby digital surround sound. On the Charter DVR you can watch TV and record all of it with the push of a button. Charter Basic and Expanded Basic gives up to 70 channels and something for everyone in the family. Charter Communications has iTV or Interactive TV which provides full access to programs and movie listings. You can also switch on to your favorite movies, news, weather conditions, etc. There is a wide range of programming options. Multiple programs can be recorded together.

The Charter Communications Cable Company has got the potential to go a long way and become a great service provider.

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