FAQ's On Charter Internet Service

In today's fast paced world, it is almost a requirement that you have a high speed internet connection. Dial up definitely won't do, and DSL Lines aren't always that much faster. What the heavy internet user generally needs today is a cable modem connection. If you live in a part of the country served by Charter communications, you may have considered getting their high speed internet service. Lets look at a few of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Charter internet service.

How fast can I go?

This is usually the first thing any you want to consider when shopping around for high speed internet connections. Charter broadband internet starts at 5 Mbps for the basic service. They also offer two higher tiers, which can bring your speed up to either 10 Mbps for the mid-tier, or all the way up to 20 Mbps for the top level service. Now your flying!

What about e-mail and other features?

Each internet account comes with 10 e-mail boxes, plenty for everyone in the home. In addition, anti-virus protection and spy ware software is also a part of the overall package. The key here is to make sure you have it working at all times, often these features are disabled, then they basically become worthless.

We use several laptops, what about wireless networking?

Wireless access comes standard with Charter high speed internet. The cable modem provided by the cable company also doubles as the wireless access point. Currently, this devices supports up to five different wireless connections in the home. If you are using that many connections, you definitely would want to consider either the mid-level of service or higher.

What about costs? Isn't high speed cable modem service expensive?

When first deployed, high costs were definitely part of the equation. But with increased competition from telephone and satellite providers, Charter and other cable companies have had to keep costs down in order to remain competitive. Check with Charter cable directly for current promotions on high speed internet and triple play bundles.

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